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Are you jerking off looking at my father?



Duration:12 min

Added:358 days ago

When he went to the living room, he found the boy's father totally drunk, naked and sleeping on the sofa. seeing that as soon as she woke up made her horny, she sat next to him and began to masturbate while looking at her ass. but then the son of that mature man arrived and saw him jerking off, so he asked him what he was doing looking at his father. the other guy just told him to be quiet, he wanted to finish what he had started. but to his surprise the young man also took off his pants and took off his cock, he had been very excited when he saw all that, he also began to jerk off, but preferred to grab the other guy's cock and jerk him off, so the one the other was masturbating while looking at him. but that's when one of the boys touched the mature man's ass and finally raised his head in amazement at what he saw and still quite drunk. they played with his ass for a while, the man couldn't even get up. in the end they had no regard, one of them penetrated the old man's ass and then his own son did exactly the same. the man endured the attacks of the two boys until they came on his face. there he was still drunk and full of semen.

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