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Dad, what are you doing?



Duration:10 min

Added:131 days ago

It can be a very shocking thing for a boy to be in the garden sunbathing and suddenly when you open your eyes you find your father with his cock out pointing towards you. this is what happened to this boy, his father was so horny that he didn't mind trying his luck with his own son, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one else at home. so he put his cock in his face, now it was up to the boy to eat it or no. and boy did he do it, when he saw that cock so big and hard he couldn't resist and he ate it whole. when the man saw that his idea was accepted, he proposed to go inside the house and they both did. they went to one of the rooms and that's where it happened, he penetrated him anally. in the end father and son ended up cumming simultaneously.

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