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Divorced father fucks a friend of his son



Duration:8 min

Added:270 days ago

Her son came home with his best friend and there they met his father. the mature man was recently divorced and the reason was more than obvious, he liked uncles and also youngsters. his son went to the room and his friend stayed with him talking about his problems. this father boasted of being a quite understanding man and offered to listen to him while his son took a shower. but as it was obvious the thing was not going to be only in words. the man was recently divorced and his desire for young cocks was uncontrollable, the boy on the other hand surely found in him a father figure and did not think twice. they began to kiss and then undress. the mature man took out the young man's cock and began to suck it. then he offered her his and the boy did the same. it did not take long to reach the penetration, as expected, it was the father who ended up penetrating the tight ass of that young man until they both ended up cumming simultaneously while their spurts of semen intersected.

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