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Father fucked his son and they were discovered by his cousin



Duration:8 min

Added:74 days ago

His cousin went to spend a few days with them, but was forced to share a bed with the other boy. in the middle of the night one of the cousins ​​got very horny, he couldn't sleep and started to masturbate. since he didn't want to wake up the other boy, he ended up like so many other nights in his father's bed. the two, father and son, were totally naked and the man didn't wait long to penetrate the boy's ass. they began to fuck passionately, it was not the first time they committed incest. but the surprise came when his cousin appeared in the room alerted by the noises he heard and surprised not to see the other boy in his bed as it was supposed to be. there he discovered the secret of this father and his son, the two of them fucked usually together as if they were a couple. however, he wasn't surprised, what happened is that he also got into bed with them and the thing ended in an incestuous threesome where the older man ended up fucking the two boys, 18 and 19 years old.

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