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Father to his straight son: hold my dick like a man



Duration:8 min

Added:174 days ago

His 19-year-old son was asleep in bed, but when his father walked into the room, he had no intention of keeping him asleep. he wasted no time in waking him up and threateningly grabbing him by the neck, something he did that required severe punishment. what the young man never imagined is that he was going to punish him in that way. he pulled his tail out of him and held it in front of him, all over his face. the boy was straight, had never had sex with a man and even made a face of some displeasure. but no matter what he did, he was not going to get rid of what his father had in his depraved head. after finishing the blowjob, he told him to get on all fours, the boy feared the worst, he was going to penetrate him . he didn't want to have sex with a man, and even less if that man was his father. but he knew that he deserved whatever he wanted to do to her. he entered him mercilessly and without remorse. it was his son's ass, but he was drilling it like it was any hustler's. in the end he cummed on his face, the young man closed his eyes to avoid seeing what was happening, but even so all the semen fell on his face and in his mouth. i don't know if he learned the lesson or not, but what he did learn at least is to give pleasure to another man.

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