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He deflowers his young brother's ass



Duration:25 min

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He entered his brother's room by surprise, in such a way that he was even scared. he grabbed him by the neck and led him to the bathroom, the boy couldn't believe what he was seeing. but when he put him in the shower even with his clothes on, he was even more amazed. suddenly he told him that now he had to eat his cock, and the young man did not know what to do, but he knew what his brother was capable of and he could not refuse. he bent down and started giving her a blowjob. then he asked him to take off all his clothes, and the young man, just 18 years old, did so obeying. then he also undressed and got into the shower, they turned on the water tap so that no one at home would suspect anything and there he put it up his ass. he couldn't believe it, his older brother had just deflowered his anus. then she took him still wet to bed, where she could of course put his entire cock inside her ass. the boy opened his mouth as much as he could, feeling every blow he gave him inside. she had never considered her sexuality until that day, but thanks to her older brother she realized that what she really likes are cocks.

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