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He put it into his brother-in-law while he was asleep



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He went to the room where his brother-in-law was sleeping and saw that he was alone, his sister had left. that morning she was going to change everything, so she approached him to get a closer look, since she had always turned him on. she began to touch him while he slept, he seemed not to know anything. she grabbed a bottle of cream and put it on her behind. then she ate his cock while he was still sleeping, and surprisingly made him hard. she couldn't resist, she was too horny to contain herself, so she shoved it up her brother-in-law's ass. she started fucking him, but after a while the man woke up scared when he felt that anal penetration. he thought that it was over, but he was surprised when his brother-in-law wanted him to continue. at the end of that fuck they both ended up cumming and made themselves promise that it would be his secret, although of course he wasn't.

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