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She discovers that her son shaves his balls and cums inside her ass



Duration:12 min

Added:336 days ago

The outcome of this video is curious, in which after discovering that his 21-year-old son was shaving his balls and pubis, the father (only 39) got very horny and ended up fucking him. the young man was taking a shower and decided to shave his balls, you know, something we all do. removing all pubic hair is good for both hygiene and the fact that your cock looks so much bigger and that's cool (it's still true that having hair prevents some sexually transmitted diseases). the father suspected that he had, since from time to time he encountered large amounts of hair in the shower, so he asked him to remove his towel. after doing so he saw his cock and balls, all clean shaven.the boy tried to find some excuse for what he had done, although it was not a bad thing of course, but his father silenced him by grabbing the blade and finishing shaving some areas that had remained.however, the young man did not have one thing, and that is that the father, after having his son's cock in his hand, became very hot and put it in his mouth. he didn't even complain, after all, a blowjob is not something you say no to. after that dick sucking they both began to fuck, or rather it was the father who fucked the boy.she fucked him so hard that at the end, she did it inside him in a good anal internal cumshot. there she left him in the bathroom with all his ass cumming.

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