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Things that happen when one is in prison



Duration:18 min

Added:3 years ago

The two were incarcerated in a cell and the need for sex took over one of them. the other boy was straight and was not expected to do that to him, but you know what can happen behind bars. when the other threw the bucket of urine in the cell that was when it exploded and went after him, cornering him against the wall, he was going to give him what he deserved. he laid him down on the bed they had there and pulled his pants down so he could stick his cock inside him. the other boy knew what he was going to do to him, he tried to resist but couldn't. it is not the first time something like this has happened, and obviously it will not be the last either. he began to fuck him while the other gritted his teeth and held the sheets tightly, supporting his thrusts, although shortly after he decided to stop resisting and be part of it. in fact, he liked her fucking him so much that he was precisely the first of the two to come. then it was the other one who ejaculated on him. after cumming, he smoked a cigarette in the cell, being satisfied.

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