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Visit your neighbor while he is asleep



Duration:5 min

Added:338 days ago

He passed near the door of his neighbor's house and inadvertently saw him lying there, asleep and with a big erection. that gave him ideas and it occurred to him that maybe he could go in there and do something with him while he was sleeping. luckily the door to the room was open, he approached his neighbor and began to touch him. then she took out his cock and started to masturbate while she watched him, she also grabbed his hands and put them on his cock to feel more pleasure, she took off his underwear and started to give him a blowjob, his cock was so hard it would have been a waste not to. but his neighbor at that moment woke up surprised by what was happening, since the first thing he saw was his neighbor's face eating his cock, it didn't take long for them to penetrate each other and start fucking. surely we have all had or have a neighbor with whom we would fuck without hesitation, but it is difficult to have it this way and even more so to achieve it.

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