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Don't worry son, we'll celebrate christmas alone without your mother



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His parents had divorced and it was the first christmas they had spent alone, father and son. they decorated the christmas tree together, the boy was very excited about it. in the end he fell asleep on the sofa and his father noticed that his package was very bulging, he had a big erection. he couldn't help but get aroused and began to touch himself while he watched. in the end the boy woke up and saw him there in front of him touching his cock. it was then that his father told him to take it off and masturbate himself, the boy did. shortly after the mature man put his tail in his son's mouth so that she could suck it. after giving him a blowjob, he put him on all fours and penetrated him. then they went to the sofa at home and next to the christmas tree they continued fucking him to make that night the most romantic of their lives.

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