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He tried to seduce his neighbor and it went well



Duration:8 min

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Many of us have ever met that sexy neighbor who makes us so horny, but it's difficult to get into them when their interest is not clear. this boy however does not cut himself too short. he first puts a hand in his man's, but his neighbor backed down, alarmed by the boy's possible intentions. they kept talking and she went all out, grabbing his package directly with her hand. he had put him in a difficult situation in which he had to answer yes or no. he thought about it for a few moments with the boy's hand on his cock and finally took him inside the house. once there, the two of them undressed, showing their hairy breasts in the purest bear style, although their bodies were not fat, rather the opposite. . once in bed he began to suck the dick that he had grabbed in the street a while before, and shortly after it was his neighbor who penetrated his ass until they ended up cumming.

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