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He was jealous of his brother's girlfriend, until one day...



Duration:12 min

Added:1 year ago

It is much more common to feel jealousy and desire for your brother than people imagine. while he was making out with his girlfriend, the boy looked at them with resignation and jealousy, he would like to be the one enjoying his older brother's cock. they went to the room and fucked, but he wasn't satisfied with imagining it, so he even tried to listen to them through the wall while he jerked off, imagining that he was the one receiving his cock. but when all that was over, the two met on the sofa and began to talk about sex, until the subject came up. he wanted to see his dick, that tail with which his girlfriend screamed and moaned so much, and finally he showed it to him. it was then that he grabbed it without further ado and soon after began to eat it, the other boy didn't say anything to him, he just limited himself to enjoying the blowjob. a few minutes later it was his ass that was finally receiving his older brother's cock , since he penetrated him as if it were his girlfriend to fuck him until he cummed.

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