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His brother jerked off without knowing that he was watching



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Both brothers shared a room, each in his own bed of course. but that night it was so hot that she couldn't contain herself and she started jerking off while the other boy slept. his vice led him to open his closet and grab a big dildo that he used to put it up his ass while he jerked off. he tried to be stealthy and silent, he did not want to be discovered by his brother, but the pleasure was such that a moan escaped him. it was then that the other boy woke up, but he pretended to be asleep to see exactly what he was doing. so while one of them jerked off and put his dildo on, the other looked at him with a really hard cock. it didn't take long for her to pull it out as well and shake it looking at his brother. but it was silly for the two of them to jerk off each other in his bed when they could both get to do more if they got together. one of them approached the other's bed and began to suck his cock, which made him go crazy. shortly after he was licking her anus just before he shoved her whole. this is how both young men ended up fucking in a totally improvised way, but of course that is much better than masturbating.

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2 years ago

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