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His father and uncle fucked him at home



Duration:23 min

Added:1 year ago

It all started in the boy's room. while the boy was reading, his father appeared showing him his package. other times he had done it and the boy already knew what he had to do, suck his dick. the strange thing on that occasion is that his uncle was recording everything, but he didn't care. while he ate his own father's cock, his uncle made an appearance, pulling out his cock and putting it in his face too, now he had to try it with two mature cocks. then he lay down on the bed, if they wanted sex with him they were going to have it have to work his father began to put her fingers in his ass while he made faces at his uncle, who was masturbating while he recorded everything. soon after, he penetrated her anus and began to fuck her. the guy left the camera fixed and ran to give him another blowjob in the meantime, the boy knew how to give oral sex like no one else. but the father wanted the exclusive, who kept fucking him until a stream of semen came from his son jumped like a missile until soaking his own face, chest and everything he caught in his path. of course the boy had to be very horny to come like that.

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