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Old man picks up a young man from the street and receives an anal fuck



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He was in his car when he met a young man. sometimes it was just a question of boys who wanted him to take them somewhere in his vehicle, other times he was the one making the request. as soon as the young man entered he made it clear to him what he wanted, and some bills might cheer up that handsome young man. it didn't take long for him to start sucking his cock in the same car while the old man, a supposedly happily married man, enjoyed contact with that stud like never before, but he didn't want to limit himself only to oral sex, he wanted to feel that boy's cock inside him. he. they got out of the car and while he was leaning the young man penetrated his anus. in the end, they ended up fucking on the ground, hiding as best they could so as not to be discovered by other passing cars. if his wife knew about these adventures ... but far from his homosexual relationships, he presumes that he is straight.

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