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We have to hurry before your mother arrives



Duration:11 min

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His stepfather suddenly came into his room and found him jerking off, so he covered himself immediately. however, the mature man did not seem surprised, what he told him was that his mother was not at home and that to have sex they had to hurry. it was said and done, the boy began to eat his stepfather's cock, it was not the first time. after that he fucked her ass in his bed, but as you can see there is a second scene in which you can see another of the adventures of this incestuous family. it happened in the kitchen of his house, while the boy's boyfriend was in his room, his stepfather fucked him naked until they were both discovered. he caught them, but instead of getting angry he also succumbed to the temptation to fuck the mature man and in this way the three of them had sex.

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