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The two friends are 18 years old and like so many other boys their age they spend a lot of time together. but what their parents don't know is what they do when they're alone. so taking advantage of the fact that they were alone, one of them threw himself on his friend to kiss him, it was clear what he wanted. and of course, at that age he only thinks about fucking. the two of them stripped naked, and with their hormones in turmoil, they began to suck the other young man's cock. after the blowjob he licked her anus a bit, but he didn't have much patience and went immediately to insert it. it was a bit difficult for him to enter, both because he had it very tight and because of the lack of lubrication. you know that youth always sins of impatience. still he managed to shove it all inside her. you can't see how the two youngsters fucked, until he came inside his friend he didn't stop.

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